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This is Volume 24 of This week in REST, for Aug 23 2010 – Sep 5 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

Hypermedia: data as a first-class element – An interesting retrospect on definitions of hypertext used in a presentation by Roy Fielding. (by Mike Amundsen)

Machine-to-Machine Hypermedia – More analysis of what hypermedia is and why we need machine-to-machine hypermedia controls. (by AndrewWahbe)

Agent Fielding is on a mission – A continuation of an excellent series of articles on building a Rest Agent library. In this post, the Agent is extended to support content gathering. (by Darrel Miller)

Why do I even care what version your API is? Versioning your API with HATEOAS – A short introduction to HATEOAS. (by Mike Pearce)

Using Typed Links to Forms – “Understand the tradeoffs between inlining and putting control data in an out-of-band mechanism. Use the right controls for the job; understand the many different hypermedia capabilities at your disposal.” (by Ian Robinson)

REST in Practice for Universities – If you’re an academic who teaches distributed computing and you want to use slides for the upcoming REST in practice book (coming out Sept 24 2010) for your course then contact Jim Webber and get the slides for free. (by Jim Webber)

What Is REST For Cloud Hosting? – High-level short intro to REST and the Web.  (by Phil Ruppert)

Creating a RESTful WCF service – “How to build a RESTful WCF service and invoke it directly from the browser”. +  Sending parameters to a RESTful WCF service (both by Dennis Delimarsky)

Martin Fowler and Paulo Caroli on Continuous Integration and Deployment – (video) “Martin Fowler and Paulo Caroli discuss testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment, as well as DSLs and REST.”


Restlet Framework 2.0.0 – The popular Restlet framework has reached version 2.0.0.

RESTx 0.9.4 – The RESTx framework for building RESTful web sercies reaches the 0.9.4 milestone and now supports JavaScript on both the client and the server. See the release notes here.

REST discussion group

Modelling availability – How to represent the availability of a particular login/username so that clients can check if a given login is available?

Networked applications and service ‘types’ – “Do service  ‘types’ (server component types) exist a priori, in the absence of any notion of an application, or the ‘types’ only come into being because applications need some server side component of some perceived type.”

State transitions vs. enumerated values – Modeling an API through which a document can be made private, sharable or can be published.

Versioning – What do people consider best practices for versioning of RESTful web services?

Gopher and the Uniform Interface – Longish but interesting post on Gopher and custom media types

Interesting tweets

@AndrewWahbe – “The User-Application interaction supervenes the architectural style, architecture and system.”

@darrel_miller – “OData is to REST, what MS Access is to database applications. I mean that as a compliment.”

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