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This Week in REST is an idea originating on the REST discussion group and aimed at collaborative collection and publishing of links to papers, articles, discussions and other relevant material focused on the REST architectural style, on a weekly basis. In other words, it’s a weekly summary of REST-related stuff happening around the Web.

In the beginning of the blog, collection of links with short descriptions was handled through a special REST wiki page – each week a new wiki page was created for collecting links for that week. When the week was over, the collected links and short descriptions were published on the REST discussion group and on this blog.

This worked for a few weeks, but community interest in collecting links faded after that. From then on this blog is maintained by Ivan Zuzak, including collection of interesting REST-related links, and has an irregular 2-3 week publishing period. However, anyone can suggest that something be included in the next post on the blog, either via comments, via Twitter or contacting me directly via e-mail.


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