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This is Volume 27 of This week in REST, for Oct 4 2010 – Oct 19 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

“Put method=DELETE and method=PUT to rest.” [sigh] – “Why is there no PUT and DELETE support for forms in the #html5 editor’s draft” (by Mike Amundsen)

level = (instance|service|media) – “three discreet ways to model client-server interactions for Web-based implementations: 1) Instance Level, 2) Service Level, and 3) Media Level. each of these levels is based on a greater degree of abstraction.” (by Mike Amundsen)

Evolving HAL – “HAL is a hypertext format for m2m interaction.” Very cool description of a hypertext format. (by Mike Kelly)

Should we maybe have a TEST method? – “how a service could be put in the position to redirect a test client to a test-version of the URI space it provides?” (by Jan Algermissen)

Distributed, Integrated or Networked? – “Ok, this post will try to clarify the difference between the three terms you can read in the title, as they are very often confused.” (by William Martinez)

Business process modeling with REST – Presentation on BPM with REST from the SOA/Cloud Symposium in Berlin. (by Cesare Pautasso)

Artifact Ownership or When Not to Use REST – “an indication of situations when applying REST is not appropriate:
When all artifacts that are affected by a possible change are owned by the same project”. (by Jan Algermissen)

Generic vs. Specific Media Types and Evolution – “In addition to the loss of self-descriptiveness there is another problem with generic media types that is not so obvious.” + ” REST’s constraint of specifically typed entities provides for a perimeter within which the server can be flexible without a need to consider the effect the changes have on clients” (by Jan Algermissen)

Hanselminutes: Misunderstanding REST with Mike Amundsen – (audio) “Web Services with SOAP are a pretty well understood thing, but what’s all this appeal about REST? Is REST just CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) for the Web? Is it a pattern, a style or dogma? Recognized REST expert Mike Amundsen sets Scott straight.”

TechTalk – RESTful Application Protocols, From Design to Implementation – (video) TechTalk on RESTful domain application protocols at the Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen. (by Ian Robinson)

REST API: for infrastructure, domain or application layer? – “in a typical enterprise app there are three options for layers that you might want to expose using a REST API. These are the infrastructure layer, the domain layer, and the application layer.” (by Rickard Öberg)

REST in peace, SOAP – “REST was already the dominant web API style even two years ago, and it keeps gaining ground.”

MVC, PVC and (¬M)VC – “This essay’s thesis is that when separating domain logic from application logic, domain logic can be implemented as a RESTful domain logic server. When doing so, the application can be implemented as an application server with models replaced by proxies to the domain server’s resources such as with ActiveResource in Rails.” (by Reg Braithwaite)

Re: ACTION-434: Some notes on organizing discussion on WebApps architecture – Interesting thread on the W3C TAG mailing list recently reactivated – Web application architecture, state, p2p Web and many more interesting topics.


WSREST-2011 – “#www2011 submission page now open, WS-REST 2011 will submit a workshop proposal and refer to the success of @WSREST2010

Designing HTTP APIs and RESTful Services – Talk at the International PHP Conference 2010. Anyone have a link to a video recording of this talk? Slides are here.

REST discussion group

It’s the architecture, stupid. – Interesting thread with a critique of WebSockets and discussion about a p2p WWW architecture.

More media type questions – “What are some examples of serendipitous reuse that the Web offersapplications today?”

Interesting tweets

@AndrewWahbe – “Upside to script-driven web: coding between the browser APIs and the HTTP interfaces might make devs realize that hypermedia is a mediator”

@darrel_miller – “@AndrewWahbe How long before devs drop the skeleton of HTML tags and just build the page completely from js?”

@AndrewWahbe – “HTML5 is practically a JAR format for Javascript #hypermediaisdead

@mamund – “RT @kidehen: “2 conclude, a #linkeddataresource is at worst a #hypermediaresource with a low H factor re ur def” +1 & that may be enough.”

@mamund – “OH : “media types are uniform interface, link relations are for specific apps” #HTTP#REST #LOD #SOA #Hypermedia

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