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This is Volume 26 of This week in REST, for Sep 20 2010 – Oct 3 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

Internet Media Types and the Web – First version of IETF draft on the Web: “This document describes some of the ways in which parts of the MIME system, originally designed for electronic mail, have been used inthe web, and some of the ways in which those uses have resulted in difficulties. This informational document is intended as backgroundand justification for a companion Best Current Practice which makes some changes to the registry of Internet Media Types and other specifications and practices, in order to facilitate Web application design and standardization.” (by Larry Masinter)

Driven Development – “we need Media-Type-Driven Development (MTDD)”. (by Mike Amundsen)

RESTx interactive demo – “An online demo showing the simple creation of RESTful web services and self-documenting RESTful APIs”.

HTTP Roundup: What’s Up with the Web’s Protocol – Update about what’s happening in the world of HTTP – HTTPbis, Header I18N, Pipelining, htty, Link Header, Captive Portals and nodejs. (by Mark Nottingham)

Hypermedia Continuum = (PO[X|JO]->Data->Links->Hypermedia) – Step-by-step instructions for creating a custom media type. “WARNING: There be dragons ahead.” (by Mike Amundsen)

REST and self-descriptiveness – “The Uniform Interface Constraint decomposes into four constraints and one of those, the self-descriptive messages constraint, decomposes into at *least* three other constraints. The analysis of what system properties are evoked was done at the highest level – the Uniform Interface Constraint. So, what happens when you modify one of the sub-sub constraints?” (by Tim Williams)

RESTful Business Process Management – (video) “Cesare Pautasso proves that BPM can be used to compose and implement REST web services, showing the relationship between business processes and stateful resources accessed through a RESTful API.”

LCI and The Mechanism Formerly Known as LHIC – Comment on the implementation of LCI (Linked Cache Invalidation) implementation for Squid. (by Mike Kelly)

Hypermedia and dependency injection: a lesson not to be forgotten – “In code, Dependency Injection and IoC aid us by instead of looking up for tightly coupled URIs, receiving our requirements through our object’s constructor. Using the web as our infrastructure, instead of SOAP or EJBs common usage, allows us to receive hypermedia links in our resources, and thus remove that coupling again.”

REST service discovery – “We have substituted it for a reusable uniform contract shared by all services on the Web. I disagree with this notion entirely, and say that the service contract remains. It is captured in the individual unqiue sets of URLs each service offers that expose its service capabilities.” (by Benjamin Carlyle)

REST discussion group

Are IANA registered types required (strongly recommended) for proprietary systems?

REST and self-descriptiveness – REST, media types, standardization and registration.

Recommended REST Blogs? (…and rest-discuss etiquette?) – See this if you’re not following the hip REST blogs.

summary of versioning issues – List of possibilities of versioning in RESTful systems.

thesis contradiction – Confusing parts of the dissertation about mime types.


REST in Practice eBook now available – “The eBook version of REST in Practice has been released.”


RESTFest – More info on the recently held RESTFest, this time from Mike Amundsen (one of the organizers) – initial take-aways from RESTFest 2010.  + A vimeo channel with videos of held talks.

REST in Practice Tutorial – Jim Webber and Ian Robinson will be running a day-long REST tutorial at Software Architect 2010, in London on Friday, 22nd October.

PHP2010: Designing HTTP URLs and REST Interfaces – David Zuelke is giving a talk on RESTful services on Saturday 9th October at the PHP2010 conference.

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