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This is Volume 25 of This week in REST, for Sep 6 2010 – Sep 19 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

Mashing Up our Web-Enabled Homes – Two research papers on realizing a Web of Things. “Imagine every home appliance being 1) IPv6 enabled 2) RESTful, imagine the tools you could create on top of such an eco-system!”

JavaScript and HTTP – Critique of Douglas Crockford’s talk on JavaScript, with regard to the statelesness of HTTP. (by Subbu Allamaraju)

Using RESTful Web Services and Cloud Computing for Next-Generation Mobile Applications – “Jason H. Christensen presents the evolution of mobile devices, how to get around limitations by integrating mobile systems with the cloud and make use of RESTful services, what is a basic mobile architecture and how it can be implemented.” (by Jason H. Christensen)


REST: From Research to Practice: Call for Chapters – Call for Chapters for an upcoming book on REST. “We are seeking high quality contributions with chapters on, but not limited to, the following topic areas: REST Application Case Studies, REST Design Patterns, REST Development Frameworks, REST Extensions and REST Research.” Although the submission deadline was yesterday (September 19th, 2010), I’m sure that you could sneak one by if you have something ready. + Really nice to see so many books on REST!

How to get a free copy of “REST in Practice” – Want a free copy of the new book on REST – REST in Practice? “Tweet a link to Amazon’s page of “REST in Practice” together with the #RESTinPractice tag” for a chance to get one out of two eBooks for the next four weeks.


REST Fest 2010 – The first REST Fest has come and gone, and by the looks of tweets – it’s been a success! Be sure to check out the Google Code page for the event and especially this wiki page for a list of talk held (slides and recordings). Also, check out this blog post from Tim Williams for a short commentary and pictures.

REST discussion group

How REST is explained – Excellent discussion on explaining REST to students in academia.

To use registered media-types or not? – Another longish discussion about everything REST.

Metaphors for REST Development on the Web – Using metaphors for explaining properties of REST.

Mapping Inheritance Hierarchies to URIs – Nice discussion on the best approach for mapping hierarchies (e.g. animals) to URIs.

Interesting tweets

@wmartinez – “REST “Independability” fits better that Reusability to achieve Modifiability. Consequence, no requirement.”

@pkeane – “so Crockford’s going to throw out the Architecture of the WWW? weird, wrong, etc. It’s not as simple as “learn continuation passing…””


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