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This is Volume 23 of This week in REST, for Jul 26 2010 – Aug 22 2010. I’ve been away on holidays for a few week, so this is more of a “This past 4 weeks in REST” post. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

The advantages of hypermedia types – “employing hypermedia types on the WWW has a number of advantages. below is a set of seven key aspects of hypermedia designs that are worth noting.” (by Mike Amundsen)

Rest Agent – An introduction – Nice introductory post into describing and implementing a RESTful client agent. (by Darrel Miller)

Rest Agent uses hypermedia – Even better follow-up post to the previous article. In this post, link relations and media types are discussed as the foundation for implementing links between states, the basis for HATEOAS. (by Darrel Miller)

REST-compliant service contract notation – Explanation of “basic concepts of the uniform contract: How to define and build services that are compliant with the REST uniform interface constraint, but are able to express their unique service capabilities.” (by Benjamin Carlyle)

Introducing JSOP – Introduction to JSOP, a “browser enabled, HTTP-based protocol designed to exchange fine-grained information efficiently.” (by David Nuescheler)

Lift and REST: URI Matching and Content Negotiation – Evaluation of the Lift web framework (Scala) with respect to aspect of its REST support. (by Surya Suravarapu)

API Anti-Patterns: How to Avoid Common REST Mistakes – List of common mistakes when designing REST APIs. (by Tomas Vitvar)

Build RESTful web services using Spring 3 – “Spring, the well-known framework for building Java EE applications, now supports REST in its MVC layer. This article introduces the “Spring way” to build RESTful web services. Learn how to use Spring APIs and annotations to build RESTful web services, and see how Spring integrates this new feature seamlessly into its original framework.” (by Yi Ming Huang and Dong Fei Wu)

The Canonical REST Entity Service – Attempt (+video) at correctly implementing a simple canonical RESTful service in .NET 4 WCF. (by Ron Jacobs)

Building RESTful services with Flash – Discussion on whether or not it is possible (or easy) to use Flash in a RESTful manner. (by Mark Little)


REST fest 2010 – “REST Fest is an unconference being developed by Mike Amundsen and Benjamin Young. It will be held at the NEXT Center in Greenville, SC on September 17th & 18th. Our objective is to give people interested in REST and related topics a chance to get together in an informal setting to share ideas, trade stories, and show examples of current work.” See these blog posts by Mike for more introductory info.

Master Class Online – Designing and Implementing RESTful Application Protocols – “An interactive webinar on ‘Designing and Implementing RESTful Application Protocols’. Using techniques drawn from the forthcoming O’Reilly book ‘REST in Practice’, Ian Robinson will show how to model business processes as domain application protocols, implement them in terms of resource lifecycles, and execute them using HTTP idioms, media types and link relation values.” Start: 01 September, 2010 – 06:30 pm IST


Restfulie ruby 0.9 – The Restfulie REST framework for Ruby has reached version 0.9. List of changes is here.

REST discussion group

REST pop quiz – How would you implement a RESTful “IsLeapYear” service?

REST Pop Quiz #2 – “What protocols have a notion of representation vs. resource, therebybeing capable of instantiating a REST system incorporating any numberof other protocols, like FTP or SMTP?”

PUT and hypertext entities – good or bad idea? – What to do if “the client needs to be able to set the state of a particular resource, but if the normal representation of that resource has handy hypertext links – wouldn’t the client need to send content with those exact hypertext links? If so that seems fragile as the linkstypically are determined by the server and this implies the client also needs tobe able to determine those.”

Google proposes RPC style APIs over REST – Discussion about Google’s APIs being more RPCish than RESTful.

RESTful way to pop first item in a queue – The subject says it all.

Atom feed vs. list of orders – “What is the appropriate degree ofspecificity of the media type for lists of orders?”

REST, HTTP, Web, Internet – Another thread on what REST IS and ISN’T.

Interesting tweets

@distobj – “I think of it as Web == URI > HTTP > HTML. RT @douglasp Dear Wired: Web != HTML. Web == HTTP”

@pkeane – “@dret JSON isn’t hypermedia, but I think its uptake is/will continute to be dramatic. Figuring out RESTful JSON patterns is v important”

@dret – “@pkeane is the web just URI + whatever they identify, or URI&HTTP and whatever you GET, or URI&HTTP&HTML ? three valid views of the web.”

@pkeane – “@dret I’d say for me (just one view) is URI+HTTP+hypertext. With allowance for URI+HTTP+(data+code-on-demand).”

@BrendelConsult#jbtip#RESTadvantage: RESTful systems often don’t need a built-in scheduler as long as you have #cron and#curl. Use what you have!”


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