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This is Volume 21 of This week in REST, for Jun 28 2010 – Jul 12 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

RESTing from MEF (or The MEF dealer is at REST) – An engineer on the MSFT WCF team writes about the teams’ effort to “to extend WCF and introduce a set of client and server APIs completed based on HTTP. Those apis will enable building RESTful systems, or RESTful frameworks to build RESTful systems.” (by Glenn Block)

RDF is “just” a style (and i hope i’m wrong) – Why RDF media-types should embed control data (in order to support Hypermedia Types) and why it’s unlikely to happen. (by Mike Amundsen)

Resource Query Language – “Resource Query Languages (RQL) defines a syntactically simple query language for querying and retrieving resources. RQL is designed to be URI friendly, particularly as a query component of a URI, and highly extensible. RQL is a superset of HTML’s URL encoding of form values, and a superset of Feed Item Query Language (FIQL). RQL basically consists of a set of nestable named operators which each have a set of arguments and operate on a collection of resources.” (by Kris Zyp)

Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) 01 – Version 01 of the IETF draft on the “Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP),a specialized RESTful transfer protocol for use with constrainednetworks and nodes for machine-to-machine applications such as smartenergy and building automation.” (by Z. Shelby, B. Frank, D. Sturek)

Observing Resources in CoAP – IETF draft for the IETF CoRE WG (Constrained RESTful Environments) – “The state of a resource can change over time. We want to giveclients of the CoRE WG CoAP protocol the ability to observe thischange. This short I-D provides an example design for such anaddition to CoAP, in order to be able to discuss the designalternatives in specific terms.” (by K. Hartke, C. Bormann)

SOA discussion remembrances – A trip down memory lane about many discussions around CORBA, DCOM, SOA, RPC and REST. (by William Martinez Pomares)

REST Litmus Test for Web Frameworks – A list of questions that one should ask to see whether a web framework is RESTful. (by Stefan Tilkov)

URIs and Resources – A reminder that the resource identifier is made up of both the path and the query portion of the URI. (by Mike Amundsen)

A RESTful Client Programming Model – A MOP (MetaModel Oriented Programming) solution model for a client of a Purchase Order RESTful Web Service. (by Jean-Jacques Dubray)

Mike Amundsen on Hypermedia – Episode 99 of Technology And Friends (video) in which “Mike Amundsen describes hypermedia and how it can change the way we use the web.” (by David Giard and Mike Amundsen)

CREOLE: a Universal Language for Creating, Requesting, Updating and Deleting Resources – A paper on “a pivot architecture built around a universal language to manipulate resources, called CREOLE, a CRUD Language for Resource Edition. In this architecture, scripts written in existing CRUD languages, like SQL, are compiled into CREOLE and then executed over different CRUD interfaces.” (by Mayleen Lacouture, Herve Grall, Thomas Ledoux)


10th International Conference on Web Engineering – The Tenth International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2010) was held from July 5 – 9, 2010 in Vienna, Austria. Lots of interesting papers (proceedings here), workshopstutorials and demonstrations (slides). Since most people don’t have access to Springer for the proceedings, try searching Twitter and Google for papers/presentations. Here’s two that I found: Scalable and MashableLocation-Oriented Web Services (Yiming Liu and Erik Wilde) and Web Messaging for Open and ScalableDistributed Sensing Applications (Vlad Trifa, Dominique Guinard, Vlatko Davidovski, Andreas Kamilaris, Ivan Delchev)

Software libraries

Jersey 1.3 released – Jersey, the open source, production quality, reference implementation of JAX-RS, has reached the 1.3 version milestone.

Rest in C# with Restfulie – The Restfulie’s C# Server 0.5 support on top of Asp.Net Mvc 2 has been released.

REST discussion group

URI always a URL? – “Why don’t we use the more specific term (i.e. URL) when referring to RESTful HTTP? Or when we use the term URI are we implicitly using URL?”

Taxis at the Airport – Seeking a RESTful alternative to a “typical”enterprisey” solution which might use a message queue type of solution.”

Restful Approaches to some Enterprise Integration Problems – Finding RESTful solutions to Guaranteed Delivery, Distributed Transactions, Long running operations and Workflow Orchestration.

Interesting tweets

@pkeane – “I agree that not all network transactions need/should be RESTful. Beneath the HTTP/REST/Web layer is prob. the sweet spot for LD.”

@AndrewWahbe – “hypermedia => interactivity => message loop”

@dret – “i think i am backing off from the CRUD metaphor for HTTP/REST. it makes it hard for people to understand the state transfer part of #REST.”

@darrelmiller – “I don’t think REST is the right approach to build APIs. But then I don’t think APIs are right way to separate concerns in web based systems”

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