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This is Volume 19 of This week in REST, for May 31 2010 – Jun 13 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

As you probably noticed, there was no post last week. I’m trying out a bi-weekly posting schedule since the number of REST related news per week is sometimes small and will probably be even smaller during the summer.

Around the Web

The State of RESTful Rails – Slides from Stefan Tilkov’s RailsWayCon 2010 presentation on REST & Rails. (by Stefan Tilkov)

Restful Services in Ruby using JRuby and Jersey – Tutorialish post on using Jersey in Ruby for developing “RESTful” services. (by Charles Nutter)

Hypermedia, links and verbs – Short thought on the relationship between links, verbs and link relations explaining “why atom, and similar, links do not include an attribute that tells the client which verb should be used to access that resource, as html does”. (by Guilherme Silveira)

MIME and the Web – A long discussion on the history, use cases and future of MIME on the Web. See this post for a follow up thread on the W3C TAG mailing list. (by Larry Masinter)

URIs without structure are meaningless – On “adding meaning to URIs (i.e. turning them into “links”) within messages”. (by Mike Amundsen)

SOAP, REST and the “Uniform Interface” – “Both SOAP and REST have standardised a part of the service interface, but not all of it. REST has standardised the interface of the application’s core logic. SOAP has standardised the interface for Qualities of Service. What we need is a model that provides us with both.” (by Ganesh Prasad)

The Real and Imagined Limitations of REST – Does REST do a good job of decoupling interface from implementation? (by Ganesh Prasad)

Is REST Another Variant of Distributed Objects? – Is REST really nothing but Distributed Objects and is therefore a bad style? (by Ganesh Prasad)

Does REST Need Versioning? – “Does REST need versioning?” And what is versioning anyway? This is continuation of the above posts on whether “REST couples identity and access together in a terrible way”. (by Ganesh Prasad)

http is not rest. rest is not http – “Hypermedia, code on demand, local cache, knowledge and interpretation of media types, everything that is not a direct implication of http, but a way to use it, need to be implemented in top of a HTTP library to support REST.” (by Guilherme Silveira)

Please Accept: application/hal+xml – Hal, ‘Hypermedia Application Language’, that “defines a standard way to express hyperlinks in xml via a simple <link> element”. More comments in this thread on the REST discussion group. (by Mike Kelly)

New Job Requirement: Experience Building RESTful APIs – Interesting headline of a job description: “Have you built RESTful APIs??”. (by Adam DuVander)

Hypermedia is the Client’s Lens – “Over-constrained, service-specific hypermedia formats that precisely represent a service’s resources and workflow” are the problem with modern RESTful systems (other than the Web). (by Andrew Wahbe)

REST-Inspired SOA Design Patterns (and Anti-Patterns) – Video of a International SOA symposium presentation on “a pattern-based design methodology used to build RESTful services, which is accompanied by an example used to draw a number of patterns: Uniform Contract, Entity Endpoint, Content Negotiation, Endpoint Redirection, Idempotent Capability. Pautasso also mentions a couple of anti-patterns: tunneling everything through HTTP/GET and HTTP/POST.” (by Cesare Pautasso)

From RESTful Services to RDF: Connecting the Web and the Semantic Web – Technical report which presents “a framework for how RESTful services can be described, and how these descriptions can then be used to harvest information from these services. Building on this framework, a layered model of RESTful service semantics allows to represent a service’s information in RDF/OWL. Because REST is based on the linkage between resources, the same model can be used for aggregating and interlinking multiple services for extracting RDF data from sets of RESTful services.” (by Rosa Alarcon and Erik Wilde)

Software updates

Restfulie 0.8 – “Restfulie 0.8 is out with a list of contributions, including new functionalities, an mvc approach which will be explained soon and support to a nicer DSL on the server and client side.”

REST discussion group

Determining which Media type for post/put – A longish discussion about…well… everything related to REST :)

UDDI dead? – Is UDDI even being used anymore?

Doc types for batch updates – “looking for examples of MIME types/protocols that work with collections ofthings, but support batch updates on collection members rather than requiringseparate updates for each collection member”

Thinking of a new term for RPC over HTTP – “RPC over HTTP” = “Not Only SOAP”. Like it or hate it?

Trying to wrap my brain around HATEOS – Trying to understand pure m2m benefits of REST.

Interesting tweets

iansrobinson – @colin_jack “It describes the engine as being a hypermedia system.” Hypermedia in HATEOAS is not hypermedia document but hypermedia system

mikekelly85 – #REST is about agreeing on the best way for machines to facilitate human interaction and stay out of the way

mamund – @webr3 “is hyper~ness all in the hands of …” HS rules are 1) defined in the m-type, 2) expressed in the msg, 2) realized by the viewer.

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