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This is Volume 18 of This week in REST, for May 24 2010 – May 30 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

Stefan Tilkov Talks REST, Web Services and More – “Stefan Tilkov discusses REST (Representational State Transfer) and RESTful web services based upon work he has done for clients of his consultancy.” (by Stefan Tilkov by Sadek Drobi)

Minimize coupling with REST processes – On reasons to decrease coupling in software systems using REST (+video!). Be sure to read the discussion in the comments of the post and the related thread on the REST discussion group. (by Guilherme Silveira)

Media-Types and Protocol Bindings – Media-types are a rough analogy to language-specific API code libraries and media-types should be designed in a way that allows developers to use multiple protocols. (by Mike Amundsen)

REST discussion group

Coming to the UK – Glenn Block (from Microsoft) invites UK RESTafarians for a get together in July.

Thinking about REST and HTTP – Continuation of an interesting discussion from last week (Engineer on the Microsoft WCF team asks for developer experience for using REST and gets lots of interesting answers).

Conventions for specifying fields to be returned in GET – Thoughts on designing a RESTful API of where different parts of the (project management) application require different parts of the same data resource.

Interesting tweets

@AndrewWahbe – “Is interactivity a necessary characteristic of hypermedia?”

@AndrewWahbe – “Interactivity is all about event handling. Where are the events in your hypermedia engine?”

@iansrobinson – “But hypermedia can also refer to a hypermedia _system_, and the roles and systemic behaviours (and events) that that entails”

@gblock – “If you think REST is just about data, you are WRONG”

@stilkov – RT @vambenepe: RT @dlog “Since when did REST become so academic?” Welcome to HATEOAS: Hyperventilation As The Engine Of Argumentative Stance

@AndrewWahbe – “Is it a web of linked information or a web of linked, declarative programs for displaying interactive information?”


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