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This is Volume 17 of This week in REST, for May 17 2010 – May 23 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

Introduction – Introductory post of a new blog to keep an eye on — Andrew will be writing about his thoughts and experience with voice browsers, SIP and other hyperlink-driven systems. (by Andrew Wahbe)

SOAP versus REST – A comparison between SOAP and REST. As someone said on the REST discussion group – “seriously, is this war still ‘raging’ “. (by Roger L Costello)

Coarser Grain Linked CRUD Data – A consideration for applying REST principles in LOD at a coarser: the URIs of the named graphs in an RDF dataset. (by Chimezie Ogbuji)

RESTafarians’ dialogs – Fun times. *slow clap* (by Jean-Jacques Dubray)

Designing a hypermedia API w/ JSON – Designing a JSON list management hypermedia API. I especially like the paragraph in which Ajax gets mentioned in the context of state machines. (by Mike Amundsen)

The Web and Rest (Rest from Scratch – Theory 1) – Introduction to the REST architectural style (video!). (by Guilherme Silveira)

“A George divided against itself cannot stand” – A Seinfeld clip symbolizing the differences between Semantic Web and RESTful Web architecture. Just go and watch the clip :). (by Mike Amundsen)

REST discussion group

Thinking about REST and HTTP – Engineer on the Microsoft WCF team asks for developer experience for using REST and gets lots of interesting answers.


REST in Practice – The feature-complete Rough Cut of REST in Practice is now available.

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