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This is Volume 14 of This week in REST, for Apr 26 2010 – May 2 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

WWW2010 WS-REST Workshop – Notes from day 1 of WS-REST. Btw. — why aren’t there more of these?! (by Tim Williams)

REST from scratch – First in a series of posts on Restfulie and Mikyung frameworks for building server and client side of RESTful applications (has a 10 min video!). (by Guilherme Silveira)

REST isn’t what you think it is, and that’s OK – Another post on the misconception of REST and what it means for web application developer. (by Michael Bleig)

Back to HATEOS and APIs – Short continuation on the previous blog post, pointing again on why media types and their standardization are key for REST and WWW.

WoT 2010 and WoT 2011? – Great recapitulation of the First International Workshopon the Web of Things (WoT 2010). (by Dominique Guinard)

A RESTful Client Side Framework for Jersey and Jersey Client Side: The ViewResource Class – Two introductory posts about a new “client side framework for Jersey that encourages RESTful design on the client side”. (by Jan Algermissen)


WS REST 2010 is over – Both the First International Workshop on RESTful Design (WS-REST 2010) and the 19th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2010) are over. Check out the presentation slides and preliminary proceeding for WSREST, and proceedings for WWW2010. Lot’s of interesting stuff!

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