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This is Volume 13 of This week in REST, for Apr 19 2010 – Apr 25 2010. For more information on this blog see this post. If I missed an interesting blog post, discussion or paper – just e-mail me the links, tweet or leave a comment on the latest blog post. Thanks!

Around the Web

Should a constrained device be a RESTful server or a client? – Should a constrained participant of the Web of Things be a server, a client, or both? (by Lisa Dusseault)

RESTful Profiling : XHTML-based Web APIs – Using well-known, registered media-types in your RESTful applications and extending them to fit your application semantics. (by Mike Amundsen)

Hypermedia constraint check – A simple question that can be used to check if your application is breaking the hypermedia constraint. (by Tim Williams)

Uncomplicated Hypermedia – Facebook’s Graph API – Words of praise for the new Facebook Graph API, hypermedia-wise. (by Subbu Allamaraju)

Talking with Herbert Van de Sompel about a web that remembers – More thoughts on Memento and adding a time dimension to the Web. (by Jon Udell)

RESTful Hint #403 – “If you have to ship an SDK for your RESTful API, it is not a RESTful API”. (by Mike Amundsen)

Will REST give us an Internet OS? – “What would it take to turn the Internet into a giant OS?”

Facebook’s Graph API: The Future Of Semantic Web? – More analysis of things the new Facebook API got right. (by Dilip Krishnan)

Offline Web Apps: To Cache or to Store? – Difference in storing and caching in Web applications and a provoking question: “would it be possible to develop frameworks (maybe layered on top of local storage) that would allow apps to transparently (within certain boundaries, of course) interact with local storage as if they were connected?” (by Erik Wilde)


REST in practice – REST in Practice, the new book on REST by Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidis and Ian Robinson, is available for pre-order on Amazon.


It’s WWW2010 and WS-REST-2010 week! Follow the event on Twitter (hashtags #www2010 ad #wsrest2010) and try to grab a copy of the RESTful Web Services Cookbook book by tweeting Mike Amundsen.

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