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This is Volume 10 of This week in REST, for Mar 29 2010 – Apr 4 2010. In contrast to last week, it’s been a busy week for REST with lots of great articles. For more information on this blog see this post and visit this REST wiki page for contributing links this week.

Around the Web – Very good beginning of a series of articles on using RESTful protocols in constrained devices (e.g. cheap sensors) connected to the WWW. “The first part of the series attempts to explain is why HTTP is the wrong transfer protocol choice for some constrained devices”.
Building a RESTful Hypermedia Agent, Part 1 – Excellent post on building RESTful hypermedia agents, with a formal approach (state machines, FSMs) towards explaining what agents are and different levels of logic required to develop them. (by Stu Charlton)
Media Type Sub-Sub-types? – Discussion on the W3C TAG mailing list on sub-typing RDF media types for indicating different serializations (n3/rdf/xml).
InfoQ Explores: REST – Collection of previously published InfoQ articles on REST combined to provide “a detailed exploration suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.”
Representation … Resource … and …? – Thoughtful post on difficulties when thinking and discussing REST – unclear terminology, mixing of REST with HTTP, wars over REST vs SOA vs RPC etc.
Is this RESTful? – On why it’s better to “focus on how to make judicious tradeoffs, and on getting things done.” rather than asking the dreaded “Is it RESTful?” question. (by Subbu Allamaraju) (EDIT: this is actually an old post by Subbu, but leaving it here anyway)
Links instead of PATCH – On using links rather than using PATCH to achieve the same thing (with good comments below the post). (by Bill Burke)
REST and SOAP: When Should I Use Each (or Both)? – Another REST vs SOAP, RPC-over-HTTP vs SOAP post. (by Mike Rozlog)
REST is… representation? – Thoughts about calling REST representation-based instead of resource-based.
Using PATCH – On why it’s better to develop application specific representations for partial PATCH updates rather than using general diff formats. (by Subbu Allamaraju)


SOA With REST Patterns preview – Preview of the “SOA with REST” book comprising of descriptions for several RESTful patterns like uniform contract, entity endpoint, response caching and many others.

REST discussion group

client keeps its state – Excellent discussion on the operation of RESTful user-agents and steady states.
‘wellrested’ sanbox project – A small HATEOAS sample application that tries to demonstrate what a good REST/HATEOAS API should look like.
What do you think about REST being a synonym of Service creation technique? – Nudged by InfoQ publishing REST articles in a SOA section, a question comes up on whether REST should be considered as “just a web services alternative”.
Describing Semantic Web Services – On approaches for describing Semantic RESTful Web Services.

Interesting tweets

@mamund – “on the Web, there are no APIs, just hypermedia.”
@AndrewWahbe – “@mamund rel is a nice extension mechanism but at least in my experience not sufficient. Need more expressive power to drive the app state”

Software updates

RESTEasy 2.0-beta-2 released – 2.0-beta-2 release of RESTEasy.

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