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This is Volume 8 of This week in REST, for Mar 15 2010 – Mar 21 2010. For more information on this blog see this post and visit this REST wiki page for contributing links this week.

Around the Web

RFC 5789: PATCH Method for HTTP – Short overview of the HTTP PATCH verb which recently became an official IETF standard. (by Stefan Tilkov)
The Counterintuitive Web – Slides from Ian Robinson’s talk at QCon, The Counterintuitive Web, on “how we can implement rich and interesting business processes in (RESTful) Web applications, but only if we think in terms of protocol resources, not coarse-grained domain resources.” (by Ian Robinson)
Richardson Maturity Model: steps toward the glory of REST – Martin Fowler’s take on the Richardson Maturity Model that breaks down the principal elements of a REST approach into three steps. (by Martin Fowler)
New Column on Webmachine – Steve Vinoski’s “The Functional Web” column returns with a piece about Webmachine, co-authored with Justin Sheehy. Direct link to PDF is here. (by Steve Vinoski)
Mike Amundsen on HTTP and REST – A video interview with Mike Amundsen in which he “explains the concept of REST and how a developer can use this pattern to build web applications”. (by David Giard)
RESTful Business Process Management – Cesare Pautasso’s slides for his QCon presentation on RESTful Business Process Management. (by Cesare Pautasso)
Dealing with REST Services Security – An overview of two articles covering issues and good practices in REST security. (by Boris Lublinsky)
Restlet supports OData, the Open Data Protocol – An overview of OData and it’s support in the Restletframework. (by Jerome Louvel)


WS-REST 2010 Accepted Papers – List of accepted papers for the First international workshop on RESTful design. Acceptance rate was 40% (see tweets below). The program for the workshop is here.

Software updates

lazr.restful 0.9.24 – New version of lazr.restful, “a library for publishing Python objects through a RESTful web service”.

Interesting Tweets

@svrc – “I believe hypermedia-driven RESTful client programming is ultimately a case of the action selection problem, i.e.”
@WSREST2010 – “acceptance notifications are due today. out of 28 submissions, we have accepted 11 papers. many thanks to all authors and reviewers!”
@mamund – “RT @bsletten: “It’s very difficult documenting hypermedia state transitions w/o using a hypermedia format.” <- Petri nets?”
@mamund – “#REST != #HTTP dammit! All you folks w/ ‘RESTful APIs’ are doin’ it wrong. STOP IT! (and you kids can get off my lawn now, too)”
@dret – “REST pattern: don’t ask how fine-grained you can make your resources, ask how coarse-grained you can be. you’ll thank yourself later.”
@mike__kelly – “RT @mamund: @fielding congrats on your new addition to the family. < :) First glance, I thought this was about PATCH!”

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