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This is Volume 7 of This week in REST, for Mar 8 2010 – Mar 14 2010. For more information on this blog see this post and visit this REST wiki page for contributing links this week.

Around the Web

Resources are Angels; URLs are Pins – Thoughts on why understanding URIs is difficult (and important), filled with moments from WWW history.  (by Larry Masinter)
Web of Things – Connecting People and Objects on the WebWoT @ SXSW 2010 – Slides for the Web of Things workshop presentation @ SXSW10. (by Vlad Trifa and Dominique Guinard)
The H Factor for Media Types – The essence of a hypermedia type. (by Mike Mike Amundsen)
Who Makes What: RESTful Service Delivery Platforms – Long analysis of Service Delivery Platforms in the RESTful world. (by Tim Hills)
Why Web Services Failed at SOA (and why REST may fail too!) – A critique of WS-* as a SOA technology (since it is RPC at it’s core), and a word of caution for REST not to go down the same path. (by William Martinez Pomares)
Reading List : Web, Linked Data, REST, Semantic Web – A list of things to read if you’re starting to learn about the Web, Linked Data, REST or the Semantic Web.
Design your API for adoption with ‘true REST’ – Arguments that RESTful APIs “boost developer adoption” and “make analytics easier” (vs. WS-*), and what to do if you have a not-so-RESTful HTTP-based API. (by Greg Brail)
RESTful Web services with Apache Wink, Part 2: Advanced topics in Apache Wink REST development (Annotations, integrations, and more) – “This article, the second in a three-part series, explores advanced topics in Apache Wink 1.0 development, a new Java™ framework for implementing and consuming REST-based Web services.” (by Vishnu Vettrivel)
204 No Content for a resource which is known but has no representation yet? – A discussion on the W3C TAG mailing list around whether it’s OK to use a 204 No Content to indicate that a resource is known but currently does not have a representation (or another resource whichdescribes it).


RESTful Web Services Cookbook Released – The long-awaited “RESTful Web Services Cookbook”, authored by Subbu Allamaraju, with contributions by Mike Amundsen, is finally released. (by Subbu Allamaraju)

Software updates

Yesod 0.0.0 – First release of Yesod: “Yesod Web Framework is a Haskell package geared for creating RESTful web applications.”

REST discussion group

HTTP request and “type safety” – Concerns about type safety in RESTful APIs get answered, even humorously by Roy Fielding with “Ah, yes, a similar thing happens all the time when flaying frisbee in the park with my dog. When I throw the frisbee and the dog tries to catch it in his teeth, everyone seems to be happy. However, when the dog tries to throw the frisbee and I try to catch it in my teeth, it just doesn’t seem to work well for either of us.”

Interesting Tweets

@mamund – “RT @AndrewWahbe: “seems like the [SemWeb] goal is linking the resources” my POV: SemWeb shares meaning thru IDs (URIs), not media-type.”
@AndrewWahbe – “The desire for a “REST transaction standard” is usually an indication of HATEOAS FAIL”
@stilkov – “@iansrobinson Yes, conversely I claim if @jimwebber says JSON isn’t REST, then (plain) XML isn’t either.”
@mamund – “@AndrewWahbe “Does a format just containing URI qualify as hypermedia?” <- IMO, yes. inbound linking is (very limited) hyper-m.”
@dret – “the grumpy DMV employee refusing to do anything but looking at the forms you’re submitting may be a perfectly RESTful agent.”

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