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This is Volume 6 of This week in REST, for Mar 1 2010 – Mar 7 2010. For more information on this blog see this post and visit this REST wiki page for contributing links this week.

Around the Web

Fielding Property Maps – An explanation and example of an HTTP resource update pattern. (by Mike Amundsen)
Versioning RESTful Web Resources – A SurveyVersioning Strategies For RESTful Services – A summary (and a summary of a summary) of different strategies for versioning RESTful services. (by Stu Charlton, Dilip Krishnan)
Pete Soderling and Chris Comerford to Discuss Rotten REST Security at RSA 2010 – An outline of a talk for the RSA Conference 2010 on RESTful HTTP security
REST API Developers Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Almost RESTful is not RESTful, developing RESTful web applications is hard and this makes REST sound like a “NO WS-*” movement. (by Lori MacVittie)
Mike Amundsen on HTTP Web Caching @ E-VAN 01 March 2010 – Video of Mike Amundsen’s talk on HTTP Web Caching.
REST-* Message Draft 5: new post and subcription protocol – The latest update to the REST-* Message draft specification. (by Bill Burke)
DELETE and 201 Created – An interesting way to combine the DELETE verb and the 201 response. (by Jan Algermissen)
Hypermedia Types – List of widely-used hypermedia-types. (by Mike Amundsen)
Why REST made me like web services again – How REST helped with frustrations over RPC technologies like CORBA, WS, RMI. (by Matt Campbell)

REST discussion group

Hard-coded state machine not REST? – On what does it mean to hard-code the client state machine and why it is not RESTful.
The farmer in the dell – On the role of REST in multi-market problems and distributed transactions.

Software updates

Webmachine 1.6 – Webmachine, a “A REST-based system for building web applications”, has reached version 1.6.

Interesting tweets

@dret – “@sgillies thou shalt not parse thy URI beyond what is necessary for initiating interaction (unless it’s a template). #REST #commandment”
@pkeane – “A REST rant (hopefully not too “rant-ish”):
@sduskis – “I’m going to tomorrows NYC ehcache/terracotta meeting I’ll show off my new REST client:”
@izuzak – “@mamund Cool! I also really like the IETF draft archive tool which provides stable references and search e.g. for HTTP
@WSREST2010 – “reviews come flowing in at an astonishing rate. it’s really nice to have such a stellar PC for reviewing the submitted papers.”
@stilkov – “It seems @WSREST2010 reviewers are way too modest to rate their confidence as “expert”. Maybe this is reserved for @fielding?”


  1. FWIW, the Dilip Krishnan article on Versioning is really just a pointer to my blog post, though admittedly he tidied up some of my rambling.

    • You’re right, Stu — thanks! I edited the post to make a note of that.

      Ramble on :)

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