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This is Volume 5 of This week in REST, for Feb 22 2010 – Feb 28 2010. For more information on this blog see this post and visit this REST wiki page for contributing links this week.

Around the Web

The problem with breadcrumb trails – An excellent UX/IA focused post that ties breadcrum trail navigation with REST principles and analyses path based trails (which show the path the user has navigated through to arrive at the current page) and location based trails (which show where the page is located in the ‘website hierarchy’). (by Michael Smethurst)
Classification of HTTP-based APIs – A classification of HTTP-based APIs and the effects of removing a certain REST interface constraint upon system properties. (by Jan Algermissen)
I Design Representations – A narrative on the types of issues that REST was designed to solve. (by Mike Amundsen)
You have a RESTful application – Criteria for determining if your application is RESTful or not. (by Mike Amundsen)
How RESTful is your RESTful application? – Almost RESTful is ”not” RESTful. (by Markus Karg)
Contextual links in hypermedia content – Comparing the difference between links in a representation and use of the Link header. (by Guilherme Silveira)
Square peg, REST hole“Some interaction patterns just don’t lend themselves well to the REST approach. Here are a few examples…” + a lengthy comment discussion. (by William Vambenepe)
Guilherme Silveira on Restfulie – (video!) Stefan Tilkov interviews Guilherme Silveira who “compares Restfulie, a hypermedia-centric REST framework, with other RESTful frameworks and explains the difference between its Java and Ruby implementations.”
Create RESTful Web services with Java technology – In this article, learn about creating RESTful web services using JAX-RS. (by Dustin Amrhein and Nick Gallardo)
PyCon 2010:Creating RESTful Web services with restish – Video of PyCon 2010 talk “Creating RESTful Web services with restish” by Grig Gheorghiu. Half overview of HTTP and rest, half overview of Restish framework.
Classifying the CouchDB API – An evaluation of the RESTfulness of the CouchDB API. (by Jan Algermissen)

Academic papers

Architecting a Mashable Open World Wide Web of Things – Technical report that describes a Web of Things architecture and principles, several prototypes implemented using these principles and “physical mashups”. Pdf is here. (by Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa, Erik Wilde)

REST discussion group

Media Types: application/mydomain vs application/mydomain.doctypeA, application/mydomain.doctypeB, application/mydomain.doctypeC – Pros and cons of defining one ‘big’ media type encompassing all documents vs Defining many media types that correspond to the individual “business document types”.
Differentiating HTTP-based APIs – Discussion on the classification of HTTP-based API-types according to the REST constraints  by Jan Algermissen mentioned above.
Idea for a REST client – Ideas for developing a client-side RESTful HTTP framework and satisfying the HATEOAS constraint.

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