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This is Volume 3 of This week in REST, for Feb 8 2010 – Feb 14 2010. For more information on this blog see this post and visit this REST wiki page for contributing links this week. Enjoy your weekly dose of REST!

Around the Web

Setting up Erlang, Yaws and CouchDB – Setting up the development and runtime environment for the REST procurement sample application. (By Jan Algermissen)
RESTifying Procurement – The Media Type – Description of the media type being used for the REST procurement sample. (By Jan Algermissen)
RESTifying Procurement – Sourcing Part 2 – A look at the catalog schema for the REST procurement sample application. (By Jan Algermissen)
RESTifying Procurement – Service Running – A look at the initial version of the REST procurement service. (By Jan Algermissen)
REST is crawling: early binding and the web without hypermedia – A discussion on early vs. late binding in REST applications. (By Guilherme Silveira)
Using Apache Wink, Eclipse, and Maven to develop RESTful Web services – This article shows how to develop, deploy, and run RESTful Web services using Apache Wink along with the Eclipse IDE and the Maven project management tool. (By Gabriel Mateescu)
Memento (Time Travel for the Web) Update – Update on Memento research project and framework focused on using the content negotiation mechanism for expressing preference that representations should reflect resource state at a specified point in time. (By Herbert Van de Sompel)
London Geek Night – Report on the London Geek Night held on Feb 11 (with video!)
Common REST Mistakes – Hacker News discussion thread about common REST mistakes pointed out in this article.
Side effects on GET are fine – Stefan Tilkov tweets “AFAICT, side effects on GET are perfectly fine as long as no-one holds the client responsible as it didn’t request ’em”.
What HATEOAS actually means – Discussion on what hypermedia and HATEOAS mean and the importance of embracing all four REST constraints. (by Markus Karg)
Markus Karg on the Hypermedia Constraint – A response to the previous article concerning the placement of hypermedia data. (By Jan Algermissen)

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    • Jamie Kirkpatrick
    • Posted February 15, 2010 at 1:01 PM
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    Great to see the blog up and running: always thought it was a good idea.

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