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This is Volume 2 of This week in REST, for Feb 1 2010 – Feb 7 2010. For more information on this blog see this post and visit this REST wiki page for contributing links this week.


1st International Workshop on RESTful Design (WS-REST 2010) – Paper Submission Deadline Extended until 15.2.2010.

Around the Web

HTML->HTTP->Hypermedia – A look at a new maturity model for REST applications that takes the client into consideration.

RESTifying Procurement – The first in a series of building a practical example of a REST enterprise service.

RESTifying Procurement – Introduction – Introduction to building a practical procurement example service using REST.

RESTifying Procurement – Sourcing Part 1 – Defining the responsibilities of the client and server for the procurement sample.

Sharing in a Web of Things – Very interesting blog post and research paper (link at the bottom of the post) on sharing RESTful devices in a Web of Things using social networks and open authentication delegation protocols.

Web-keys (was: Re: Draft minutes of TAG teleconference of 21 January 2010) – Continuation of discussion on the W3C TAG mailing list around using identifier secrecy as an access control mechanism.

Don Box Discusses SOAP, XML, REST and M – Don Box (Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft) discusses the history of SOAP, XML, XML Schema, RELAX NG, SOAP and WSDL, REPL, opinions on REST, REST at Microsoft, coexistence of REST and WS-*, the M programming language, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Is OData The Ubiquitous Language For Application Collaboration? – Thoughts on the Open Data Protocol and possibilities for application collaboration.

SOA Practioners Should Define Standards First – Need for standards when using SOA technologies (REST or WS-*).

Smalltalk Daily 02/01/10: RESTful Web Services – How to build a simple, RESTful web service using the Visualworks Web Toolkit.

REST discussion group

Understanding Steady StatesSteady-States (Media Type Spec vs Client Configuration), What is the steady state after POST? – More discussion on understanding steady states and how the client determines that it has reached a steady state.

Managing local device through server – Designing representations of REST resources for mediating access remote to local devices.

Designing representations of collections and references – Ideas and approaches to designing collections of and references to resources.

An online REST demo. – First on-line demo of a new project aimed at creating a REST development framework from a fork of the Nanoweb PHP web server.

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